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Mental Load - The invisible stress

Mental Load - The invisible Stress

Goal: Coping with cognitive and emotional burdens, achieving a balanced relationship between professional and family obligations.

Target audience: PhD students, post-docs, junior group leaders, and researchers in later career stages.

Benefits for your career phase: Effective strategies to manage the specific stress of academic work and parallel family responsibilities, to be more present and productive both at work and at home.

Brief description: Mental Load is a cognitive and emotional burden that can arise from managing multiple tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities. The simultaneity of tasks in the professional context - typical of scientific work - as well as simultaneously existing family tasks, can not only affect productivity and innovation but also overall health and well-being.

This webinar addresses what mental Load is, how we can use time differently, and how to avoid feelings of guilt and worries to be more effective at work and more present at home. (This webinar will be conducted in English.)

Trainer: Desiree Dickerson, a clinical psychologist and neuroscientist, offers valuable support to help scientists find a balanced relationship between their family obligations and their professional work.

Date: September 16th, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm (online)

Registration deadline: August 19th, 2024

Registration: Via email to health@hhu.de

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